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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Evangelism. It is a well know word in our circles. It is something that we would all agree needs to be practiced more. We even refer to ourselves as evangelicals. It seems that that title has taken a beating in the news lately. It is as if you refer to yourself as an evangelical then something is wrong with you. That is a shame. This word and title have at their heart the idea of spreading good news. That is all we are doing, telling people good news. In our day, you would think that good news would be a little more appreciated.

The Christmas season is all about that good news. We are told many places that Jesus spent the majority of His energy preaching this good news. (Matt. 11:5, Luke 3:18, Luke 8:1) Often I wonder why it is that so many have no use or interest in this good news. I have my opinion on that matter. Nobody truly likes a king. Nobody truly enjoys being told what to do. Everyone I have ever known really likes to be in control of their own lives. The claims of Jesus are just opposite of those ideals. Oh, that such people would come to know that He is a good King with their very best interests at heart. His burden is indeed light and His love is indeed glorious. That is our message and we dare not let up or quiet down now.

This good news was first promised multiple times in the Old Testament. It was first      realized by an older cousin of Mary as the baby in her womb (John) leaped at the sound of Mary’s voice. This good news was first proclaimed by an angel of the Lord appearing to shepherds on a hillside of Bethlehem. The good news was first carried from one land to another by Joseph and Mary as they made their way to Joseph’s home and then later to Egypt. This good news was first needed as fruit was being chewed on in the garden. The good news was first chased after by Abraham as he walked to a land that he did not know. The good news first felt its proper weight when those in the early church were beaten and jailed for their faith. This good news first crossed the sea with Paul, even making time for a ship wreck along the way. This good news was thought to be dealt with by hell as it was nailed to a cross and placed in a tomb. This good news shocked all of creation by breathing, walking, teaching and eating again after death had been defeated. This good news crossed an ocean on boats and was a part of founding a great nation. This good news has always brought hope to those overlooked and to those without.

At some point in your life, this good news was proclaimed within your hearing and you believe it. This good news changed your future and your life for the better. This good news is worth retelling and proclaiming as loud as we can for as long as we can. Until we die or He calls us home – write it, preach it, sing it, wear it, Facebook it, enjoy it, welcome it, share it, rest in it – that is what evangelism is. The good news leaving us and spreading into our world.

In Him, Clay



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