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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Welcome to fall. Can you believe it? Our local Dollar General, and I know everyone has one of those, has their Halloween supplies out. I just cannot think about Pumpkins and Candy Corn when it is 97 degrees outside but here we are. As of this writing high school football and cross country have taken off and that means that cowbells and hotty toddy cheers are here as well. College kids have moved back to campus and parents (yours truly) are feeling a little sadness at their being gone.

The arrival of fall also brings much life and busyness to your CMN! We are in the process of gearing up for a new year just as your church is and every day I get to hear of the good news that is coming out of our churches. Thank you for serving your local church as you do. Thank you for keeping us in the loop of all your goings on this past summer so that we can rejoice with what God is doing in your church.

Please mark your calendar for October 21. That is the night of our fall meeting. This year held at FBC Abbeville. We will have a meal followed by a brief time of business and join in worship together to celebrate all that God is doing in Marshall and Lafayette counties. There is much to report and much to look forward to. Load up the church van and join us for a night of togetherness for the kingdom’s work.

My prayer for all of our churches is great time management. The fall leads to holiday season and that means calendars get filled up rather quickly. I pray that our churches will guard their time wisely so that they can minister to each other and their respective communities. Also, if you are not a pastor and you are reading this – please do your best as a church to guard your pastor’s time as well. He needs time with family. Time to study. Time away. Bless him and love on his family. Only eternity can measure how much good that will do your church family.




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