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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

This note is being written the morning after our fall meeting. All I can say is WOW. I have heard nothing but rave reviews since the meeting ended. There was not a moment of performance or auditions but what I walked away with was a feeling that the CMN is on the right path and that God is richly blessing us.

Your church gives – our financial report showed that. Your church goes – our missions report showed that. Your church serves – our nominating report showed that. Your church loves other churches – our fellowship showed that.

Rejoice with me for all that God is doing in your church. Fall revivals are underway. By the time you read this, fall festivals will be over with. Plans for Thanksgiving services are no doubt on your mind. These are all good. These are proof that we are alive and not dead.

With all that said, let me remind us all of what was shared last night at our meeting: be sure that in all things we put Jesus on our banner. He is to be first and foremost above all things. He is to held in the highest esteem and place of honor among our churches. Perhaps not many people are being drawn to Christ these days because we are lifting up many things in front of people instead of Jesus and that is not exactly what we are told to do in John 12:32.

My prayer is that our two counties will always be filled with church families that are passionate about making the great name of Jesus greatly known. We have plenty of opportunity to share the greatest, goodest, bestest news that most of the world has never heard. Be encouraged brothers and sisters to be busy doing that very thing this day.





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