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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

I am writing this while looking forward. It is a few days before Christmas and by the time you read this your tree will be down and presents are being fully utilized. I am at this moment looking forward to a few days at home with my wife and two sons, one who just finished up his first semester away in college. We also have some seminary friends from out of town that will be visiting. My family will gather around a TV to watch the bowl games and ring a cowbell (sorry). I am sure I will eat too much and it will all pass by way too quick. All this I am looking forward to.

There is no other time on our calendar like this time of year. When I was little it seemed like Christmas Eve would never get here. School days seemed to drag on and our tree was littered with those boxes underneath it just tempting my sin nature to reveal itself. Food got better as the month went on. Music seemed sweet as that day approached. Our house was always happy but during the last four weeks of the year it was as if everyone was super charged with joy. It was always something to look forward to.

Can you guess where this thought is leading? Does it not seem that for the Christian, the most common theme of our lives is waiting? We are promised so much from God but the grandest of all promises comes with a wait. We know that one day we will see Jesus through death or His return. We will either meet each other there or beat each other there. I know you can agree, I hate to wait. Especially for that moment. There is not a tree, song, package, or a meal that will top being in the Presence of our King.

Strive on my brothers. The work we are doing is doing good. If you are reading this, He did not return in 2018 and you are still breathing. That means the task is still before. There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save. The people inside and outside our churches desperately need to hear of a Savior’s love all year around. May 2019 be the grandest year of ministry you have ever had! That   indeed is something to look forward to.


In Him, 







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