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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Welcome to the half way point of 2019! How are your New Year’s resolutions going? On the other side of the same coin you have six months left to get your Christmas shopping done. As we approach this week, I know that you are busy and your church calendar is even busier. With that said, I hope this newsletter finds you doing well.

Many of you, if not many of your people, are taking time away for vacations right now. That is a good thing. Everyone needs some time off to recharge and truth be told you can never spend too much time with family. My hope is that once the travel season is done that our churches are filled with people hungry for worship and opportunities to serve.

My further hope is that you, pastor (or your pastor) are also able to rest and indulge in family time. I know that kid camps and mission trips and VBS are the norm for this time of year but one thing I also like to remind churches – such times are not the same as rest time for your pastor. His family needs time away just like everyone else. Even something as simple as a trip to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in June is not time away.

Let me encourage all of us to see to the health of our pastors’ families. They might not have the funding or time (bi-vocational) to take a long trip but time just to rest can come from just giving them a weekend off for a “stay-cation”. You need it, they need it and your church family will be better for it. Healthy churches are led by healthy pastors.


In Him, 





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