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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

This newsletter holds a great promise from me to you. It will be a virus free newsletter. Nope, I promise that no mention of COVID will be made after this sentence. How does that sound? Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Now that we have gotten passed that, I just want to give you a couple of good news thoughts.

First, things are coming to a head here in the association office. We are putting the final touches on some upcoming dates that we want you to know about and to get your church involved with. Training, preparedness and service opportunities are all on the calendar and all are invited to join in.

Secondly, from my heart, have you ever given much thought to church growth? Radom question I know but I was reading something last week that I had never thought of before. Which happens often when I am in the Bible. Acts 16 tells the story of Paul and Silas being locked away in jail. You know the story – around midnight the place was shaken and the men were freed. Miracle? Yes. Lesson in God’s care? Sure. Yet is there more there?

In Acts 16:34 is very telling. Think about it, here is a government employee in charge of keeping two rebel rousers locked away in jail. How hard can that be? These guys were chained upon chained and guards surrounded them on all sides and yet an earthquake turned into an opportunity for escape but instead was used for a chance to witness for Christ.

You recall how the jailer was on the verge of suicide then was invited into eternal life through the work of the Holy Spirit and the resilience of two of God’s earliest missionaries. Yes, to all of that but what does any of this have to do with church growth? Flip over in your Bible to the letter that follows Ephesians. What is the name of that letter? Who was the audience of that letter? Philippians 1:1 states that Paul is addressing all the saints in that small little church.

Ever thought about how all those saints got there in the first place? Ever realize that the work that Paul and Silas had begun among the Philippians surely was spurned on and forged ahead by a faithful new convert of a former jailer who came to Jesus. See? No virus mentioned . . . oh sorry.



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