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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

As I write these words we are days away from Christmas morning. What a day it is for everyone I know. I love the sights, sounds and smells of this time of year. Yes, I said smells. There are certain aromas that can hit my nose and instantly transport me back to being an eight year-old. I vividly recall the day each year that I was out for the semester. Not only was I free for a couple of weeks from having to be the smartest guy in the room, I also knew that my mother, a teacher, would be bringing home all of her teacher gifts. That meant . . . Martha Washington balls, homemade brittle, Chex mix, fudge and reindeer mix. The smell of that cornucopia of fattening food on our kitchen table was enough to make my mouth water while on the bus ride. Yes, she taught school in the same building with me but made me ride the bus. That is another story.

I get a hint of other smells and I am not longer eight but quite a bit older. Rice Krispies treats with M&M’s mixed in along with homemade pizza all being prepared to leave out for Santa by my two sons on Christmas Eve. Yes, our boys were told that is what Santa really likes so there. You do you, we will do us. 

What I hate now is the absence of those smells. Yes I have the memories but not the   activity that accompanies them. It has been several years since Santa left our house with a snack. It has been even longer than that since I walked into my mother’s house and caught a whiff of fattening foods. And for the most part I am fine with that. All that means is that I have other memories to make later on. 

I pray that as you gather in the coming days you are able to soak in the sights and sounds of this blessed time of year. May I advise you to sit longer and linger with your family. Go ahead and have another slice. Light the “good” candles in the bathroom. Do search on your TV for an old cartoon from way back. Relish in the time you have and be forever grateful that a Savior has been given. That fact is a guarantee that the memories we are making right now are tied to the activities, the love, the sights and even the smells that we will be enjoying with our loved ones ten billion years from right now. 




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