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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

It is not that I am against vaccines. I am against needles. I hate shots. If you think about it shots have done a great deal of good in our history. Smallpox? Polio? We are thankful such illnesses are eradicated. Every October I roll up my sleeve for the flu shot and recently even for the pneumonia shot. We all have a great deal of research coursing through our veins.

Honestly, I have no idea how a virus can enter a body through your nasal passages, affect your breathing abilities and effectively take out two of your five senses. There are men and women around us that took high level chemistry classes that can explain that to you but not me. No, I am much more simple in my explanations of what is wrong with us.

Thanks to my hard belief in the truthfulness of Scripture, I firmly believe that when Adam sinned then the rest of the humanity found itself ruined from the fall. Sin has indeed left a crimson stain. Physically speaking, my breathing is not bothered by sin and I am fairly sure I have never once noticed getting a fever I could blame on my sin. Although I can trace every problem, issue, stress, heart ache, bruise, family hurt, spousal argument and mean face back to the sin that loves to attack me.

In prior newsletters I have made the point that sin has ruined everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell. All of life has been touched by the fall. All of our environment has been effected by the curse. Sickness, death, tornados and even acne can find their root cause in Genesis 3. To make matters even worse is the fact that we meet so many people that attempt to fix this problem on their own. There are simply not enough gold stars to collect to cure our problem. We know that, right?

 If only the CDC could come up with a shot of something to help us. You can guess that it would be a shot of sarcasm of course. My problem was wiped out with one dose of what Jesus provided me the day He saved me. No second round needed. No test trials        required. No appointment must be made and there are no lines to wait in. Tell me that is not good news.



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