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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Welcome to the last newsletter for 2019. Next time I write one of these it will be the first week of 2020. Does that even sound right to you? When I read that number I imagined Buck Rodgers flying around in a space ship or living life like George Jetson up in the air. You think by this point, with all the technology changes we would have our lives wrapped up in a sci-fi world like those we watched on TV years ago.


As I write those words my phone dings with a text. I look down at my phone and “voice text” that person back. Then I check an address on my GPS and flip over to Life 360 to make sure my son is where he is supposed to be. When I finish writing out these thoughts I will click two buttons on my computer and this page will flitter through space and     appear on Norrisa’s screen in another room so that she can add it to the newsletter. All the while I am doing this, I have a speaker in the corner of my office playing Perry Como Christmas music through my phone and neither the phone or speaker are plugged in to the wall. I guess I am living a little like Captain Kirk and Spock after all.


What tools we have at our disposal to make our lives easier. We have made all of life very accessible. We are so connected but in a way we have never been so disconnected. I   recently received a text from my son asking about some homework help. He was in the same room with me at the time. This makes me sigh but what a time to be alive for the sake of the gospel. Many of you use social media well with your ministries. That is great. Many of our churches host their services on FaceBook Live for all to see. Twitter and   Instagram both are great ways to speak to a younger generation that never sits still. I connect with my family often using video chats for family devotions and prayer times when we are not together, which is often. Used wisely, God has indeed blessed this     present age with great opportunities to spread the gospel.


All that to remind us all of a very true truth. Read Acts. See the movement of the early church. Know that they had nothing that we have at our disposal except for the Holy Spirit and a desire for all to hear of Jesus. Those men and women took the gospel as far as they could and they did it without Wi-Fi, Laptops, XM Radio, Disney+ or gas powered engines. They did not even have toothpaste or deodorant but they loved Jesus more than life itself. Compared to that fact, George Jetson was a pauper. May this Christmas serve as a time to spread the name of Jesus to all we meet. By any means necessary.




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