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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Mask or no mask? School or no school? In person service or livestream? If you were asked five years ago where you saw yourself in five years, you would have never guessed that   questions such as these would be on your mind. As I write this, I am winding down my family’s fourteen-day quarantine. Seems our son Haddon tested positive for COVID right as he turned eighteen last week. What that means is that I have no more solid answers about this virus than anyone. Many of you have reached out and prayed for our family. A few of you have shared your own family’s struggles with getting through these days. I really wish I had the silver bullet answer we are all longing for. I just simply do not know what to say.

Except for the encouragement that is found in Scripture. Just let these words from Proverbs 14:26 find root in your mind:

In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence,

and his children will have a refuge.

In this one verse we see so much. First is a healthy respect for the LORD. When I read the word fear I have to remind myself that is not a word of being afraid of the LORD but again, respecting Him above all. I never had to fear my earthly father but I absolutely respected him barring none.

Next, note the one thing that is so attractive about the LORD: He does not espouse confidence. He doesn’t give off confidence. He is confidence. With or without a mask. In a pew or sitting on a couch, as a believer you have a THING to place your confidence in. He and He alone can cure COVID and sin at the same time. Only the LORD is able to pull off that task.

Last, look and see that we also have a PLACE in which to put our confidence. He is our refuge. The Hebrew is clear: a shelter that cannot be penetrated. No remembrance of sin, no microscopic drop of a virus can ultimately bring harm to the follower of the LORD. Again, He does not put confidence in us, He IS confidence for us and in Him nothing can touch us. Question: why else would you not follow this LORD?



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