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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6


Millions of gospel conversations are needed,” said the conference speaker. Pastor you have been there? Sitting in a large room with others in ministry listening to a guy that you may or may not know? He is giving stats and showing slides on some new and improved method for churches to be effective. The seat is uncomfortable, you are hungry and you are fighting off the sandman. Typical meeting right up the point    that he made that comment. A gospel conversation is simply you and I as believers interjecting the story of Jesus into our daily life conversations and based on what this speaker was saying, millions of such conversations must happen and happen soon.

Here is some food for thought just to give you a reason why: there are some 1.8 billion followers of Islam on earth right now. That means that 24% of the Earth’s population are Muslim. That is nearly ¼ of the population. It is the 2nd largest religion but by many    estimates it is the fastest growing religion with 3.3 million just in American with that number projected to reach over 8 million by 2040. The number of Mosques has doubled inside America since 9-11-2001. That is nearly one Mosque a week opening. With projected birthrates, by the year 2060, Islam will be the world’s largest religion replacing Christianity for the first time in recorded history. Indeed, something to think about.

Now I hope that we are all persuaded that gospel conversations are needed. Thinking that Jesus died to save Muslims is no different than thinking that He died to save me or you. These are men and women who are made in God’s image and that worth alone should motivate you and I to have gospel conversations with them as well as an atheist or any other person following a false religion. My prayer is that our CMN is covered by church people that are out and about in our local community simply talking about Jesus. There are people at ball fields, grocery stores, the break room at work, and even our family tables at Thanksgiving.

Chuck Kelly, President of New Orleans Seminary, recently said, “We cannot have THE conversation with people until we at least have A conversation with people.” Let that be a jump start for you and your people. We all need to learn how to simply share our story and how big of a role that Jesus plays in that story. He saved us. He sustains us. He has called us and expects us to spread His good news. I am here to help and encourage you as you do that very thing.


In Him, 




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