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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

I am glad you are taking the time to read this letter. It means you either found this in the mail or in email and have stopped whatever it is that you are doing in order to see what I have to say. What I have to say is simple: I am glad that you are reading this. Sounds repetitive on purpose. If you reading this you are not watching the news or checking on social media. These days that can only mean one thing: bad news.

I want to give you something that you might not get very often these days. We need some good news and I dare you to find better news than the fact the tomb is still empty and the throne is still occupied. Let me encourage you to meditate over the words of Revelation 22:1-5 if you will. This is our good news and it is meant for us to ponder and enjoy. John reports of an angelic tour of our heavenly home and what he saw was indeed something to share.

Look at what is there?

Crystal clear water like Brita has never produced

A throne on which no earthly monarch is worthy to sit

Thoroughfares so wide that multitudes can easily stroll day or night (not to mention what they are made of!)

The tree of life which is so different than the tree that Adam and Eve faced. This one brings healing for the nations. Do they need healing right this second?

Look at who is there?

Servants of which we are. Do not picture all of eternity you waiting on God hand and foot. No way. This is better understood as enjoying Him for all eternity.

Angels are there, obviously from John’s tour guide we gather.

Colors are there be it green trees or golden streets.

God is there meaning His Holy Spirit is there and of course the Lamb is there. We know Him by His more appropriate title: King Jesus.

Look at what is happening there?

Worshiping and reigning – not a bad way to spend an eternity, huh? If you think that you will spend all eternity with your feet dangling over the edge of a cloud while you play a harp, I challenge you to find that image in the Bible. Worship in the OT is a word that best describes a mangy, dirty homeless dog getting a bite of food from a compassionate hand only to return and “lick the hand that fed it”. That licking sound is where the Hebrew word for worship comes. I gladly look forward to spending all eternity thanking that God that saved me through the free gift of Jesus.

Lastly, look at what is not going to be there

Read verse 3 and see for yourself. Baptist are not good at shouting but that verse should do the trick for you. In 1719, Isaac Watts penned the hymn “Joy to the World.” It is in my top three favorites of all time for the words found in verse 3: No more let sin and sorrows grow nor thrones infest the ground. He comes to make His blessings flow (read carefully) far as the curse is found . . . COVID . . . far as the curse is found . . . Broken Homes . . . far as the curse is found . . . Politics . . . far as the curse is found . . . Every disease your family has hurt from . . . gone! That is our good news to share but also enjoy!



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