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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Sidewalk chalk pictures of Bible scenes. Food purchased from local restaurants that is simply given away for free. Video uploads, livestream events and FaceBook live shots taken from kitchen tables. People driving to their church to tithe. Cars parading around hospital parking lots. Children and youth leaders doing the crazy stuff they have always done but now on a screen. Singing of hymns, playing of PowerPoint slides, choirs with singers making beautiful noise while listening to only feedback through ear buds. AV/Tech people (usually under the age of 30) becoming heroes to the local church for their knowledge of “what does this button do?”.

For the past eight weeks (soon to be nine) we have been living in a time that has changed our outlook, our production, our delivery methods and our meeting styles. Yet one thing is constant: our message. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times: this virus is unlike anything else based on how easy it is to spread. True. Be smart. Use precautions. Practice common sense. There is however one thing that I have noticed that spreads faster than COVID 19 and always has better results. The gospel of Jesus Christ. The above paragraph shows the local church’s ability to adapt and look for ways to spread the good news of Jesus. Just like the COVID 19 virus, the gospel is best spread through touch. The touch of grace and mercy on a lost, questioning, hurting soul brings immediate results and the recovery rate from sin stands at an all-time high, unblemished, undiminished record of 100%. That is 100% of all humans that turn to Jesus from their sin find full recovery and acceptance.

We are a short time from actually gathering together again. Many will choose to play it slow and safe. That is commendable. A few will hopefully see the benefit of sitting on the front pew going forward. That too is commendable. I simply pray that as we gather again physically, that we will drink deep from the well of gospel fellowship. If nothing else, this virus has shown believers that we do not need a building to worship or evangelize. My heart’s longing and desire is that when we are indeed able to gather again, that we will use that day as a launch site to propel our message even further than it has ever gone.

If the church can do what I mentioned in the first paragraph above, may God have mercy on us for not doing even more, bigger, grander gospel centered work once we are back together. If we can take these actions without a gathering as a family, hell should quake at what we can do once we are back together.

Church, please, let us not waste this virus.

GrOwing Together,





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