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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

We have made it to the end of the most intriguing year that I have ever lived. Masks worn inside banks are fine. Working in your sweat pants from home is acceptable. To take the cake however is the fact that Southern Baptists at one time or another have encouraged church members to not attend church. I am not sure when all of this will end and have no ability to tell when anything will get back to any sense of normal. There are experts online and in Nashville that can tell you more about how to grow a church during a pandemic or even how to reclaim lost church members, not me. I am not the one to turn to for news of the how to’s and what for’s.

I am perfectly content being just a regular person who knows nothing outside of the good news of Jesus. One person with a really good story to tell. That is what I aspire to be known as. Can you imagine what it would be like to be one of the angels that visited the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus? Imagine if you can there you are doing whatever it is that angels would be doing prior to Bethlehem. There in the heavenly realms serving and enjoying the presence of Jesus. Then you get a beep or text or whatever form of communication they use there to call you to a meeting with God the Father. He asks you to be a part of a team to deliver news to people that nobody will pay attention to in the first place.

These shepherds and the people that they lived around did not have to deal with a pandemic but they knew what our world was like. They knew hatred. They knew political   turmoil. They saw people poor, sick and desperate. They understood lack of work and food needs for their community. They too wanted to educate their children for a better future. They were primed and ready for a little good news. To be an angel with such a simple story to tell. What an assignment, huh? To tell hurting people that a Savior has been born. A Savior that has been sent to rescue them from all hurts and set all wrong things right.

A simple story sent to people that really could use some good news. My prayer for all of us as we turn another calendar page is that we would realize that this is our assignment. I hope we learn the valuable lesson that we should let the church growth experts do their thing and allow the political pundits to have their say. We have better news than any angel could share. The assignment in Bethlehem was just to announce that Jesus had been born. You and I get to tell others that He lived and loved and served and of course died but did not stay that way. We get to announce that no grave could hold Him and Heaven dare not attempt to keep Him to itself. No virus. No government. Will ever change one word of this story.

In Him,




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