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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Of all the good that came from the annual meeting of the SBC in   Dallas this past month, one thing that went unnoticed by many was a name change. When I was younger, a person in my position was known as the county missionary. I guess that was too close to sounding like the man that worked for the 4H so that name was changed to Director of Missions. I grew up with that nomenclature and many people still refer to    me by that title. Fine by me but for the past several years the position’s title has been officially called Associational Missions Director. You still with me? This past month a recommendation was made to once again “capture the essence of the position in an   ever-changing church landscape” and it is best to refer to persons in my role as the Associational Missions Strategist. Got that? Good. You can still just call me Clay and I will be more than happier with that.

I bring that up because I want to introduce you to another DOM/AMD/AMS. Let us just call him Mark. Mark Clifton is someone that I have been around a handful of times and have grown to love his work in recapturing and replanting churches that have declined to the point of death. He loves the local church and is determined to spread the word that any where there is a group of people living, there should be a vibrant gospel witness to those people. I agree with his mantra: “God gets no glory from a closed-up church building with boards across the windows.”

Mark is DOM (or whatever we are supposed to call him) in rural north central Missouri. He recently sent out some common traits that he has discovered in his work with churches that are in danger. I wanted to pass them along just as food for thought. Have a great time celebrating our great country this next week. Happy 4th of July!

Some of the traits of churches that died include:

1) They value the process of decision more than the outcome of decision.
2) They value their preferences over the needs of the unreached.
3) They have an inability to pass leadership to the next generation.
4) They cease, often gradually, to be part of the fabric of their community.
5) They grow dependent upon programs or personalities for growth or stability.
6) They tend to blame the community for a lack of response and in time grow resentful of the community for not responding as it once did.
7) They anesthetize the pain of death with overabundance of activity and maintaining outdated structure. They confuse caring for the church facility with caring for the church members.

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