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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Each year, at this time, the rest of the country prepares for fall. Yes, we here in the south get to enjoy the pageantry of football and hunting seasons but nowhere else on earth do they  experience fall like we do. Be it September 21st or October 31st, chances are we will be wearing shorts and swatting mosquitoes away. We see trees giving off beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow on television but here . . . our main leaf color is brown.

Each year, at this time, I am also reminded of a Biblical truth. The world around me is not just changing seasons, it is flat out dying. Those gorgeous leaves I mentioned above? We in the south are too quick to view them as a rite of fall passage. They make us want to take a drive up to the mountains and sip hot tea while picking apples. Truth is those beautiful leaves are turning colors because of decay. Leaves drop from a tree because they are dying. Grass turns brown and ceases to need mowing for a couple of months because it is dead. Bugs go away during the cold because many of them die (For this I am actually a little thankful).

Sounds dreadful for a newsletter, right? Not really if you remember the Bible truth I am getting at. Think back to where the first idea of death and dying came from? Genesis 3 tells the story of that first “fall” that our world is still engulfed in. I doubt seriously if Adam and Eve could be heard wishing fall would hurry up and get here like we do. Fact is they had no idea what was coming. Once green trees and grass and friendly insects changed colors and personality. The relationship between humans and the world was forever scarred by that first fall. Death has been a part of our world ever since.

However . . . this coming spring I will have to write the antidote to this news-letter. We will once again be reminded that grass turns green, leaves come back and bug spray is a wise investment. Until then, we will put on a jacket. Pick a pumpkin. Host a trunk or treat. Watch some football. And swat bugs. Each moment will serve as a reminder that you and I are living in a Genesis 3 world but we have the hope of John 3 in our hearts.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll. Pass the Off!

In Him, 






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