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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

I read a line the other day that said, “The New Year is going to begin on February 1. January was simply a trial month.” Can you relate? In our home, it seems that we just took the Christmas tree down this morning but already we have had flu, ice and snow, school starting back, an association wide DNOW, and one son with a face full of stitches. This month has been packed!

Do you have a turn to story or book or verse that comes to your mind when you have times like this? Where is it that you turn to in the Bible for a change of pace when the pace is high speed? Any number of places will work but just today I was reading Psalm 23 and meditating on those words, “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” You have read those same words hundreds of times but did you catch the fact that the object in that verse (a sheep) is being made to lay down? Why would the shepherd have to make the sheep rest? Most days you and I would gladly lay down with no questions asked . . . but do we?

You have heard it said, “We make time for what we want.” This is a very true statement. We have to work. We have to pay bills. We have to taxi kids. We have to buy groceries. Yet, do we actually want to stop and rest and do so with the Bible? Can we dare find five minutes in the day to stop . . . be still . . . and know that He is God? We go a million places as fast as we can but can we find a few moments in the day to come . . . unto Him . . . all who are heavy laden . . . and find rest?

There is a reason the shepherd often makes the sheep lie down. The very next phrase says for there, on that green grass of rest, He restores my soul. Take time now. Find time now. Say no to a few moments of your schedule. Put your phone on silent. Go to a room where no one else is . . . open your Bible and have your soul restored. The grocery list, the bill pile, the phone and traffic will be waiting on you when you are done. Just know that Jesus is waiting on you right now.

In Him, 



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