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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

Recently I returned with a group of students and adults from a mission trip to Portugal. We had the privilege of representing your association in kingdom work alongside two of your IMB missionary families. Many of you have done the same in the past. You have got a stamp in your passport and a mind full of memories of what God is doing in another context. The people, the culture, the language barriers, the food and the need for the gospel all ends up staying with us long after such a trip.

About day three of this last trip something dawned on me that I shared with the group. It did not matter how far we had traveled or what strange foods we had tried, the people that we met and were attempting to reach were in essence just like us. Portugal was one of the more beautiful countries I have visited. Outside of Christopher Columbus, I had never really thought about that nation but there is much going on within its borders. Students still have homework. Single mothers struggle there. Wealth and prosperity are the chief aims of life. Work hours are long and pay checks are small. The family is broken on many levels. Government is distrusted and the church has lost its influence. Sounds a lot like our own great nation.

Truth is human needs are the same no matter what language is spoken. Hearts the world over long to be accepted and loved. Fathers and mothers just want to raise good, moral children everywhere you go. Love of country is deep not just in America and just because the sport is different than our own does not mean that excitement is not felt on any game day of their favorite team. It is true: people are the same no matter where you go. Lives are the same in Marshall County as they are in New York City as they are in Mexico as they are in London as they are in Lafayette County as they are in your very home.

If people are the same, you can guarantee that the greatest need that they have is the same as well. There is not a man, woman or child that is breathing oxygen at this moment on planet earth that does not need Jesus. We might have to exchange our money to buy resources in order to tell them but that truth is not going to change anytime soon. The single mother in Germany needs the news of our King just as the overpaid sports star here in America does.

I would commend for you to read and meditate on 3 John this week. Look at it to see the idea that some are meant to be goers while others are meant to serve as senders for the gospel’s sake. Who among you are going? How are you helping them be sent? Where is the gospel sending you next?


In Him, 




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