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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

As you are reading this, school is just days away. Where did summer go? Personally, I am looking at two high schoolers headed off for this new year. One will not repeat this next year as he will be headed off to college. Now I am thinking where did their childhood go? I blinked and they grew up.

Many of you have faced this feeling already. Your children have already flown the coup. This new season of life is an odd one. I have never dreaded my children growing up and leaving, I just was not expecting it. Truthfully, I still feel young. My wife still looks like she is in her twenties. This season of life is what happens to older people, right?

Ecclesiastes 3 speaks well to my heart right now. There is indeed a time for all things under heaven. My parents watched me pack my Mustang hatchback and head off to college and life. I am sure they felt the same emotions as I will within this next year. There is a time for hellos and goodbyes. A time for births and deaths. This is a fact that no person on earth can escape.

Yet you and I are unlike others on earth in that we are believers in God and partakers of the gospel of His Son Jesus. With that knowledge comes the truth that this life, even with swift changes, is not all that there is. Beyond the infernal changes we face are eternal truths that we cling to. We were made by an eternal God that does not change. We were made for an eternal kingdom that does not end. We are covered with an eternal love that is beyond description.

It is with that knowledge that you and I are able to face changes in life’s seasons. We know that this place is not God’s last word to us. Nor are the changes that carry us like roller coasters unbearable. God’s steady hand always brings us through. The picture I have in mind of my parents standing beside my old Mustang will indeed be repeated by my wife and I soon. Possibly that same picture will be repeated by my sons in their future as well. I can handle that change as long as I know that the faith given to me by my parents, a faith that does not change, goes along with them for the ride.

Pray for me. I will pray for you.



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