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Piece of Clay - Job 33:6

I wish I could explain to you how much I do not know. Truly, some days I get knee deep in a project or process that I am not sure how to handle. One truth that I do indeed know is that there are many times I just flat out need prayer. Some days I just feel the overwhelming need to cry out for help from above. Can you relate?


Much has been said lately on the national stage concerning our understanding of prayer. We have heard an opinionated talk show host question the mental fitness of those who believe that Jesus speaks to us in prayer. We have witnessed another tragic mass shooting and have had our “thoughts and prayers” called into question of being enough action. Can you make sense of that?


That raises an interesting question for us: when you stand in need of prayer, who is it that you call on? You get bad news from a doctor, you have stress on the job, your family is too busy for each other, your financials are less than overwhelming – you reach for the phone – who is it that you call? That person, whoever they may be, is a dear treasure to have.


I recall many low points of my life dealing with family sickness or death and there has always been this one number that I dial. On the other end of that call I receive prayer. Numerous times I have been in a crowded room and made that call. I have made that call from the children’s hospital. Once I even made that call while driving way too fast rushing to see my father for the last time. I will never lose the need for prayer in my life nor will I ever lose that one phone number because I know who is waiting to call on the Father once I place that call to him.


I encourage you to find that person and in turn, be that person. Regardless of what those around us say to deflect its power, we know what comfort prayer brings. We have seen God answer us time and time again. No matter what others may say about prayer itself, may it never be said of us that we failed to pray and to even pray for those who believe that it does no good.

In Him, 



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